Alia O’Brien – Vocals, Flute, Keyboards

Sean Kennedy – Guitar

Lucas Gadke – Bass, Backing Vocals

Michael Carrillo – Drums, Afuché

Lucas joined Blood Ceremony in the fall of 2010, shortly before they left to record a long player album for Rise Above Records .

Living with the Ancients, the group’s second effort was released in early march on Metal Blade records in the USA and Canada and Rise Above records in Europe. The group did a short European tour with labelmates Ghost in April 2011 and returned to cover the entire continent in October for the Hammers of Doom festival.

Official Bio

BLOOD CEREMONY, an infernal marriage of Sabbath riffing and the manic piping of Jethro Tull, play a distinctive style of flute-tinged witch rock. After a mind-numbing study of hundreds of trashy witchcraft films, the group began to pour their energies into crafting songs, transforming their fascination for horror into a profane musical vision.

Their sound bears witness to the heavy bands of yesteryear, fusing progressive rock elements with folk and an early ’70s downer vibe. Invoking the mischievous Pipes of Pan, Blood Ceremony songs are distinguished by singer Alia O’Brien’s energetic flute solos – accenting an instrument long-associated with a list of devilish figures.

A celebration of Euro-horror, ’60s saturnalia and occult miscellanea, their self-titled debut was mixed by Billy Anderson and released by Rise Above in 2008 to enthusiastic reviews. In 2009, Blood Ceremony completed a successful European tour supporting doom legends Electric Wizard.

LIVING WITH THE ANCIENTS, Blood Ceremony’s second album, expands the group’s dark and regal sound with a heavy dose of vintage organ, gritty guitars and stirring flute harmonies. The album was recorded in Chicago by Sanford Parker, who completed the final mixes on Samhain Day. With Living with the Ancients, Blood Ceremony continues its journey through the mire of ancient occultism and flute-infused downer rock. The album was released in North America on March 1, 2011.

Blood Ceremony at the Borderline, London, UK on our 2011 tour with Ghost!

Blood Ceremony at Gaz’art, European tour


Blood Ceremony S/T (2008)

Living With the Ancients (2011)

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